Questioning My Parenting Skills

Today was one of those days where I blew it as a parent. I am pretty sure my kids thought I was some crazy lady because of the way I fussed at them this morning. I left them to follow their routines as usual, but things did not go as planned. Let’s just say after my meltdown everyone else had a meltdown. It was the quietest 3 minute car ride to school that we’ve ever had since the school year began. I welcomed the silence, but the way I earned it was terrible. Today was one of those days where I needed a do-over and hoped that I hadn’t scarred my kids for life after yelling like a mad woman because they were too busy playing and not getting ready for school. We were late, of course! And that just drove me just as crazy because I knew the school parking lot would be a traffic jam. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I will have the chance to get it right. If not…I think I have two more tries before the school week comes to and end. EEK!!!

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4 thoughts on “Questioning My Parenting Skills

  1. Its Ok, we all have days just like this one with the kids. And God willing, we will have opportunities to get it right for next time.

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  2. Times like this help to reinforce to our children that: 1. Mom ain’t no punk and 2. Just do what what we say and we all don’t have to go into the abyss together


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