I Can’t With These Two

So, today was another moment in time where I am highly entertained and tickled by my kids and their shenanigans. I overheard my boys talking and couldn’t help but laugh at them while sitting in my room. Here are a couple of things I heard today.

#1 and #2 are arguing as usual over something.

#2: That’s not right.

#1: Yes, it is. Mom told me.

#2: No she didn’t.

#1: Yes, she did. Mom’s are always right so you have to do what I said.

This very brief exchange made me laugh because one day (hopefully, not soon) my kids will feel differently about how right I am. For now, I will relish in the notion that my children believe me for always being right.

#1 and #2 are discussing the ages of old people. Unfortunately, I was lumped into this conversation.

#2: How old are Grandma and PawPaw?

#1: I think they are in their 60’s, so they are old.

#2: Yeah, anybody in their 60’s is real old. Mom and Dad are old, but not that old.

#1: Don’t worry, they will be that old one day.

From the other room I’m clutching my invisible pearls because the little one had the nerve to put us in the conversation about age and being old. Of course, I hope to live a long life filled with growing old gracefully. However, I was not a fan of the getting old dialogue. Let me live my life and enjoy my 40’s please. I had to walk away after that because I didn’t want to hear whatever else they were going to say about me being old.


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