Good Days and Bad Days

Today is one of those days where AGAIN, I began to question the validity of my parenting when it comes to helping with homework. I know that I am able to teach, but I truly wonder how well I can teach my kids. Each child came to me with their own set of challenges with their homework, so I quickly changed into my superhero cape to rescue them only to find out that I needed to take it off because there was nothing a superhero could do to solve their homework problems. In that moment they needed brains and not brawns. I sat and reviewed what was needed and still felt at a loss. All I could think was, I went to school and I did well. But what they were giving me now to solve was leading me to question if what I knew would truly be able to help them.

So after pausing for an extremely long time, I began to help them the best way I could. They were frustrated, I was frustrated, and I’m pretty sure we all could have started crying if one more thing had happened in that specific moment in time. So… may be wondering what I did to prevent the family meltdown. Nothing! I did absolutely nothing. In that moment I had a choice to make, so I decided it was time for dinner (the coward’s route). We all took a LONG pause from homework and began to laugh and eat dinner for decompressing. I knew that continuing down the emotional homework path would’ve only led to angry outbursts and tears (me and not them). I was feeling overwhelmed and found a way to escape. Dinner was my scapegoat because it allowed me time to step away from homework mayhem for processing my next steps (throwing homework in the trash or giving my kids away to someone more worthy of raising them).

We’ve all been there…at least I think we’ve all been there. Again, not something they (all of your family and friends that are parents) tell you about when you begin a family. It’s all oooo’s and aahhhhh’s because their tiny, wrinkly, and cute until their NOT. This is one of those moments that parents forget to share until you start trash talking about what in the world did they give my kid for homework. Then there’s this grand recollection from other parents who have faced or are facing these same challenges. Man, where were these memories when I was contemplating parenthood? Seriously, someone should’ve warned me. I guess that’s the beauty of parenting. The joke is on you once you’ve slid down this slippery slope. Again, I wouldn’t change it for the world but a heads up would’ve been nice.

After dinner we tried again to solve the most unsolvable problems known to fourth grade and second grade homework. All I could think was, I’ll be glad when they can do homework without me. Then I quickly realized that this would probably never be the case. If the latter is true, then I better get ready for future moments of personal meltdowns. However, at this moment I learned that when all else fails. IT’S TIME FOR DINNER! LOL!

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