It’s okay, it’s okay. They’re okay, they’re okay. I’m okay, I’m okay. This is a daily mantra that I have to tell myself for overshadowing my need for perfection. I know that perfection is an illusion and that it will only stress me out the more I strive to “be perfect.” However, it is a real thing that I’m sure a lot of us deal with it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I of all people should know that perfection is unrealistic, but it’s not that easy to cut off when you’re surrounded by other moms that “appear” to have it all together.

I have to say that it’s okay when a new dinner dish doesn’t go over well with the family. I have to say that it’s okay when the teacher contacts me to express their concern about my son’s reading or math challenges in school. I have to say that it’s okay when I feel an extreme amount of guilt when I can’t attend a school field trip. I have to say that it’s okay when I can’t attend one of their sporting events. I have to say that it’s okay when I have a disagreement with my husband about a parenting issue. I have to say that it’s okay when I don’t know the answer to every single questions posed to me by #2. I have to say that it’s okay when I just feel like I am falling short in every category related to being a mom.

If I don’t tell myself it’s okay, I will LOSE MY MIND. Not only that I will walk around in a constant state of misery. That’s not the type of life I want to live and that’s definitely not the type of person that I want to be in life. I believe in looking at the glass as being half full, or there’s always a silver lining, or there’s always good to come out of a funky situation. Regardless of how bad I may feel at times, reminding myself that it is okay helps me to remember that I’m human. In being human, mistakes will happen and I will never be perfect no matter how hard I try at times. This reminder also helps me to understand that I’m not scarring my kids for life whenever I feel that I’ve let them down. Honestly, they barely notice things and the stuff they do notice makes us all laugh hysterically. I guess as long as they’re healthy and happy……It’s okay, they’re okay, and I’m okay. Okay!

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