All Is Fair In Love and War

All is fair in love and war. Is this statement true? Does this apply to a parent-child relationship? I wonder because my children felt the need to begin a discussion about anatomy and decided to add me to their discussion. As I heard the conversation unfold I had to pause because I was feeling some type of way, but I wasn’t exactly sure of what that feeling was at that particular moment in time. I’m sure you are wondering what this dialogue was about. Well, I’m glad you are curious because I’m going to share it with you. But first, I must give you the context of this discussion. They were discussing Valentine’s Day, love, and the love of their parents for one another.

#1: Yes, Mom and Dad love each other. They have to because they’re our parents.

#2: I know how Daddy loves Mommy.

#1: I know that Dad loves her big old butt. That’s why he fell in love with her.

#2: He loves Mom’s big ol’ booty.

Now you can feel free to insert the hysterical laughter of both. I know that I have a large backside and this has always been the case for me. I’ve never fell short in the “bottom’ department. The crazy thing is that they just kept saying it over and over to the point of me becoming slightly annoyed. I’m sure I shouldn’t have become annoyed, but I did because it was just sooooo funny to them.

Me: Yes, I have a big booty. So what. Trust me, it’s not the ONLY reason why Daddy loves me (of which I question the accuracy of this statement at times). There are other great qualities to me besides my outward features. You can like a person for what you see when looking at them, but then you can like or love them more because of what’s on the inside (teachable moment).

#1: I know, but I’m sure Dad picked you because of your butt! (insert more laughter and teachable moment fail)

At that point, I think they just liked saying the word butt over and over for kicks. I don’t know, but it was my best conclusion since they keeled over in laughter every single time they said the word. So of course, #2 decides to break out a “booty” dance. At this point I just stood up and walked away.

Again, is all fair in love and war? I love my children, but was it fair of them to clown on my booty. Was it fair of them to think that was the only good thing that made their dad to love me. I don’t know, but in that moment in time I wanted to get back at them for mocking me. However, I chose to just walk away laughing at them since they were being clowns. Based upon this moment in time, I guess all is fair in love and war. Or is it?



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