Laughter is Good for the Soul

If you can’t laugh at yourself, then something is wrong with you. I had a recent experience that literally made me holler, scream, or laugh out loud. With living in Michigan we deal with all of the seasons. We are currently in our winter season with the hope of spring arriving earlier than expected. It is because of this winter season that I am able to share this most recent experience. We had another SNOW DAY! To some it is their two favorite words, and for others it’s like a stake through the heart. I personally LOVE SNOW DAYS because we can sleep in, play outside in the snow, or hang out in front of the t.v. watching movies.

We decided to play in the snow during our most recent snow day. More specifically, we went sledding. The entire afternoon was spent walking up steep hills to slide down them screaming and yelling at the top of our lungs because of the sheer terror of not knowing if your sled would get stuck, or hit a bump and send you flying, or spin out of control while heading down the hill. Before our sledding experience ended I had the opportunity to experience all three. This rare sighting of an over 40 year old woman being thrown from a sled was the highlight of my day and those watching. Of all the times to laugh at myself, this was definitely one for the books. So much that I even shared the video on my Facebook page for others to laugh with me (or at me) depending on your take of the footage.

It was my last sledding run for the day and I ended up going down the hill alone since my kids betrayed me at the last minute to ride together. My husband documented this moment and it all went down hill from there (literally). I made it over the first hill and then became stuck (not surprised) because everyone became stuck at this point. I then used my arms to get myself going and I was off and running again. Of course, what happened next was completely unexpected. As I was heading down the hill, I hit a bump and my sled betrayed me (just like my kids). It flew one direction and I flew the other with the bonus of  flipping over and landing flat on my back. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I flipped off the sled and then over myself! I couldn’t help but laugh at that moment in time because it was so UNBELIEVABLE.

Once I came to my senses, I jumped up to grab my sled to walk down the remainder of the hill because I didn’t want anyone crashing into me or running me over with their sled as they came down the hill. My husband never stopped recording, nor did he flinch when I fell. However, I did hear him on the video footage stating that I was “gonna hurt” after this. That comment combined with his lack of knee jerk reaction made me laugh even harder. I even had a kid walk up to me to tell me that he thought it was totally cool that I flipped off of my sled. Little did he know or possibly realize that this was not an intentional action. It was completely accidental. I told him thanks and continued walking towards my husband laughing hysterically at myself for my total and complete WIPEOUT! This was definitely one for the books.

What I learned in that day is that there is nothing wrong with laughing at yourself.  That others laughing with you (or at you) is okay too. More importantly, it’s okay to TOTALLY fail at something but still get back up and keep moving forward. My kids learned that their Mom was funny and could make them laugh hysterically without tickling them. All in all, it was the best SNOW DAY EVER!



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